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Item : Ethylene Oxide Sterilize
Detail :

The company has a whole range of equipment, including up-to-standard preconditioning room, sterilization and aeration room. The equipment is heated with steam, thus guaranteeing reliability and cost-effectiveness. The annual sterilization capacity of the company amounts to approximately 15, 000 cubic meters, and we can accommodate to all kinds of customer requirements. The company is also equipped with sensors for detecting temperature and humidity for validation, thus ensuring sterilization quality. The management team of the company includes many sterilization experts, who have been engaged in sterilization management and sterilization process validation in world-renowned medical equipment companies for many years. The technology personnel of the company, who have great experience in sterilization process, have carried out nearly a hundred sterilization process validations and set up a a dozen sterilization conditions. Therefore we are fully capable of assisting customers to complete second party or third party reviews.

The company has set up a quality control system in accordance with ISO13485: 2003, EN550: 1994 and has been approved by ISO 13485: 2003 and EN 550: 1994 authentication set by the German company TUV.

Our goals are: Safe products, reasonable price, rapid delivery and satisfied customers.

Characteristic Introduction
1. We have preconditioning room, sterilizer and aeration room.
2. We compliance with ISO13485 and EN550.
3. We can validate the process according to CE\FDA and Japanese GMP standards.
4. We have microbiological laboratory.
5. High quality EO improve our sterilization quality.
6. Process heated by steam, we cost little, so the price of sterilization is low.
7. Our facility is a training spot of TUV PS and TUV Rheinland in China.
8. We are trusted by our clients. Some manufacturers are required to sterilize their products at our facility by their buyer.

The products processed by sterilization station
1. Various Gauze product
2. Surgical Gowns product
3. Dressing Pack
4. Plastic Glove
5. Catheter
6. Implant Device
7. Single-used Injector
8. Other Medical Devices

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