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Item : Electron accelerator Irradiation system
Detail : <DIV align=left><B>The Nature of Electron Beam Radiation</B></DIV>
<DIV align=left>E-beam radiation is a form of ionising energy that is characterised by its low penetration and high dose rates. As a product or material passes under the beam, energy from the electrons is absorbed. This absorbed energy alters various chemical and biological bonds within the product/material and, like gamma radiation, prevents microorganisms from reproducing.</DIV>
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<DIV align=left>When compared with gamma, E-beam radiation offers several distinct advantages:  The need to transport radioactive materials around the country is eliminated. The processor can be turned off when not in use. Cobalt, the main source for gamma technology, emits radiation at all times.  Because the electron beam is tightly focused and moves rapidly across the product, process times are shorter and plastic materials such as those used in medical devices are not significantly altered.</DIV>
<DIV align=left><B>Flexible High Energy Beam</B></DIV>
<DIV align=left>E-beam accelerators range in energies from 3 MeV to 12 MeV (million electron volts) and usually operate at a single energy level. By utilising the latest in technology, the accelerator is able to</DIV>
<DIV align=left>operate at varying energies to optimise product penetration. At the same time, the beam can be altered to accommodate cartons of various widths and the conveyor speed managed to allow the most precise application of dose.</DIV>
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<DIV align=left><B>Dosimetric Release</B></DIV>
<DIV align=left>There is no waiting for product to be released with E-beam’s dosimetric release, and no time lost to biological indicators. As soon as experienced laboratory professionals determine that the specified dose of radiation has been delivered, the product is ready for release.</DIV>
<DIV align=left><B>Comprehensive Dose Management</B></DIV>
<DIV align=left>Fully trained staff members are also available to step in and manage dose setting, dose mapping and dose audit responsibilities for medical device manufacturers. The result is maximum sterilization performance minimal follow-up and and paperwork for customers.</DIV>
<DIV align=left><B>Effects of E-beam Radiation on Industrial Materials</B></DIV>
<DIV align=left>E-beam radiation can be used to modify the chemical and molecular structure of industrial materials to great benefit. For example, E-beam processing is a reliable and reproducible method for tailoring switching speed and recovery time (lifetimes) of many silicon power semiconductor devices. Other beneficial effects include:</DIV>
<DIV align=left>1. Cross linking, in which polymer chains are joined to obtain a high molecular weight and superior</DIV>
<DIV align=left>material properties</DIV>
<DIV align=left>2. Degradation, used to reduce polymer molecular weight allowing the melt flow of a polymer to increase</DIV>
<DIV align=left>3. Grafting a monomer onto a polymer for surface modification</DIV>
<DIV>4. Modifying the crystalline structure of a material such as a gemstone</DIV>
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<DIV align=left><B>To learn more about our sterilisation and testing services</B></DIV>
<DIV><B>please contact us now.</B></DIV>
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<DIV>1.       能连续快速加工.</DIV>
<DIV>2.       电子束能量未10Mev,穿透力强。</DIV>
<DIV>3.       产品吸收剂量均匀,剂量率高,杀菌效果好.</DIV>
<DIV>4.       无毒性、无残留,不影响产品原有成分和品质</DIV>
<DIV>5.       电子加速器仅依靠电能形成高能电子束,无放射性废物,无环境污染。</DIV>
<DIV>6.       可有效降解农产品中的某些农药残留.</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV align=left>其原理是:</DIV>
<DIV align=left>一、电子枪发射电子。</DIV>
<DIV align=left>二、通过高频微波在真空的加速管中进行加速,使之能量达到10Mev。</DIV>
<DIV align=left>三、通过扫描磁铁从钛窗引出加以利用。电子束的束流大小和传送带的速度是可以调节的,根据不同的应用要求,选择适当的参数。使用起来非常灵活方便。</DIV>
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